Exterior Painting

Cover your property with the best exterior painting job! Enjoy a new look while also protecting your property with a smooth layer of paint that will bring out the best out of your home’s appeal. Here at JO Painting, LLC we love color, we love good energy, we love customer’s satisfaction and we promise to deliver results that will make you happy.

Interior Painting

Give your interior home a total makeover at a cost-effective price with Jo Painting! Our professionals will add new colors to your indoor areas that will enhance your property’s beauty and value. We utilize top of the line paint products, tools, and techniques to achieve a finish that you will love. Call our team to obtain a quality paint job!

New Painting

We paint newly built houses with new processes in painting that enhance the style of your infrastructure. Painting on walls and wood is our specialty, and we promise results out of this world. We also excel in painting cabinets, repairs, and finishes that enhance your valuable investment. Call us today, and we’ll give you a free estimate!

Power Washing

The surfaces of your property are places that need maintenance and require deep cleaning. Jo Painting, LLC provides the most diligent and specialized power washing services. We adjust to your needs, always seeking impeccable results that will leave you speechless.


A good paint job is 90 percent prep work and 10 percent painting, is absolutely 100 percent true. A quick coat of paint applied over existing paint or stain may look good – but it won’t last. The key to a long-lasting paint job is to prepare the work area so it’s clean and gloss free. Real pro painters know they can’t rush a job.

Paint Removal

Are you planning to change the colors on your walls? Do you feel that these colors no longer reflect your personality and taste? Then, we are the team to help! We’ll remove that old paint from your walls thoroughly and by the time your request. With our paint removal services, you can give a significant improvement to your property.

Color Consulting

A new paint job can make a world of difference. Is your interior or exterior property looking a bit old fashioned or simply boring? A new paint job not only looks great, but it also protects the material beneath your surfaces and enhances its beauty. One of our experienced staff members can help you choose the right paint that will ensure long-lasting results.

Residential & Commercial Painting

In Rhode Island you must choose professionals to take care of your residential and commercial painting. You should choose JO Painting, LLC, the equivalent to excellence! Regardless of how large or small the project is, we will make your property look exactly how you dreamed it. Call us now for a free estimate!

Deck Staining & Deck Reseal

With the passing of time and seasons, your deck will need a hand to regain its natural beauty. We can give you that momentum that makes it shine again with our reseal and staining services. We look at every detail, and we do not leave any area neglected, because we want every finish to be perfect.

Wood Staining

JO Painting, LLC knows how to enhance the wood finishes on your property. Our Wood staining works will leave a natural, classic appearance in your cabinets, decks, moldings, and more. The beauty of the grain in the wood will look beyond gorgeous. Give that striking rustic touch to your property and call us now!

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